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  1. Anna and the King of Siam

    Anna and the King of Siam

    by Margaret Landon

    "An enchanting book. The author wears her scholarship with grace, and the amazing story she has to tell is recounted with humor and understanding. And what a story it is!" -- "Atlantic Monthly"An invitig escape into an unfamiliar, exotic past. Ms. Landon's is one calculated to transport us instantly."-- "New York Times
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  2. Anna Karenina

    Anna Karenina

    by Leo Tolstoy

    The tragic story of a married woman's ill-fated affair and its catastrophic consequences, this panoramic novel uses the emotional journey of Anna to map out the full range of human experience.
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  3. Forgotten Fire

    Forgotten Fire

    by Adam Bagdasarian

    In 1915 Vahan Kenderian is living a life of privilege as the youngest son of a wealthy Armenian family in Turkey. This secure world is shattered when some family members are whisked away while others are murdered before his eyes. Vahan loses his home and family, and is forced to live a life he would never have dreamed of in order to survive. Somehow Vahan's incredible strength and spirit help him endure, even knowing that each day could be his last.
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  4. Kingfisher Atlas of World History

    Kingfisher Atlas of World History

    by Simon Adams

    This paper over board edition combines all four volumes in the series, depicting the world and its people between 10000BCE and the present day. It covers all major human civilizations, from the ancient world to modern times, and examines the core curriculum themes of religion, exploration, colonization, industry, technology, war and diplomatic relations.
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  5. Samuel Zwemer: The Burden of Arabia (Christian Heroes)

    Samuel Zwemer: The Burden of Arabia (Christian Heroes)

    by Janet & Geoff Benge

    The spiritual needs of the Muslim world, long neglected by Christian missionaries, came to the world's attention again when Samuel Zwemer dedicated himself to the advancement of the gospel in Arabia. It was a tremendous task, but a pledge the young American kept despite opposition, difficulty, and death.
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  6. Story of Inventions, The (Second Edition)

    Story of Inventions, The (Second Edition)

    by Frank P. Bachman

    Now updated, The Story of Inventions covers key innovations from the 15th through the 20th century. Divided into four sections: Power, Manufacturing & Production, Communications, and Transportation, chapters focus on the invention as well as the life of the inventor, weaving together true-life stories in a format enjoyable for young and old. Learn about the printing press, steel, computers, steamboats and other inventions that paved the way for the growth of our modern world. Comprehension questions follow each chapter.
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  7. Story of Mankind, The

    Story of Mankind, The

    by Hendrik Van Loon

    First published in 1921, The Story of Mankind has charmed generations of readers of all ages with its warmth, simplicity, and wisdom. Beginning with the origins of human life and sweeping forward to illuminate all of history, Hendrik van Loon's incomparable prose enlivens the characters and events of every age.
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  8. Timeline - Modern World

    Timeline - Modern World

    by Sharon Anderson

    1600 to the 21st Century. Events from the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan to plans for the Security and Prosperity Partnership and a North American Union.
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  9. Timetables of History, The

    Timetables of History, The

    by Bernard Grun

    A vast and absorbing resource, the fourth edition of "The Timetables of (TM)History" spans millennia of human history. Unlike any other reference volume, this book gives a sweeping overview of the making of the contemporary world by mapping out at a glance what was happening simultaneously, from the dawn of history to the present day.
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