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  1. Exiled (2010)

    Exiled (2010)

    by Helene Holt

    Exiled immerses the reader in the dark days of 17th century England, a time when a man could be drawn and quartered for nothing more than standing on a corner preaching his views.
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  2. One Hundred Years of Mormonism (1905)

    One Hundred Years of Mormonism (1905)

    by John Henry Evans

    A committee - consisting of President Francis M. Lyman, President George Reynolds (of the First Presidency) and Elder Joseph Fielding Smith, Jr., (Quorum of the Twelve) all appointed by the President of the Church (Joseph F. Smith) – read the entire work in manuscript format.
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  3. Orson Hyde Dedicates the Holy Land (1933)

    Orson Hyde Dedicates the Holy Land (1933)

    by Joseph S. Hyde

    On October 24, 1841, a Sunday, Elder Orson Hyde of the Quorum of the Twelve climbed the Mount of Olives. There, with pen and paper, he recorded a prayer of dedication previously given him by revelation.
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  4. Prophets and Patriarchs (1902)

    Prophets and Patriarchs (1902)

    by Matthias F. Cowley

    These biographies were written for the “Southern Star.” When that periodical suspended publication (1900) not more than half the biographies from Brother Cowley had been published.
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  5. The Present Time and Prophecy (1933)

    The Present Time and Prophecy (1933)

    by James H. Anderson

    Unrighteous living – disregard of the laws of God – national as well as individual, brings misfortune: while acceptance of the word of God by conforming therewith brings mercy and blessing.
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  6. Why the King James Version (1956)

    Why the King James Version (1956)

    by J. Reuben Clark

    This is a series of study notes dealing with certain elementary problems on specific scriptural passages, involved in considering the preferential English translations of the Greek New testament text.
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6 Item(s)

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