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  1. A Single Shard

    A Single Shard

    by Linda Park

    Park (Seesaw Girl) molds a moving tribute to perseverance and creativity in this finely etched novel set in mid- to late 12th-century Korea. In Ch'ul'po, a potter's village, Crane-man (so called because of one shriveled leg) raises 10-year-old orphan Tree Ear (named for a mushroom that grows "without benefit of "parent-seed"). Though the pair reside under a bridge, surviving on cast-off rubbish and fallen grains of rice, they believe "stealing and begging... made a man no better than a dog." From afar, Tree Ear admires the work of the potters until he accidentally destroys a piece by Min, the most talented of the town's craftsmen, and pays his debt in servitude for nine days. Park convincingly conveys how a community of artists works (chopping wood for a communal kiln, cutting clay to be thrown, etc.) and effectively builds the relationships between characters through their actions (e.g., Tree Ear hides half his lunch each day for Crane-man, and Min's soft-hearted wife surreptitiously fills the bowl). She charts Tree Ear's transformation from apprentice to artist and portrays his selflessness during a pilgrimage to Songdo to show Min's work to the royal court he faithfully continues even after robbers shatter the work and he has only a single shard to show. Readers will not soon forget these characters or their sacrifices.
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  2. Cat of Bubastes, The: A Tale of Ancient Egypt

    Cat of Bubastes, The: A Tale of Ancient Egypt

    by G A Henty

    A young Egyptian accidentally kills a sacred cat and must flee from an angry mob. Set in 1250 B.C., the time of Moses, this thrilling adventure also features fascinating details about Egyptian religion and geography, the methods by which the Nile was used for irrigation, and how the Egyptians were prepared for burial.
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  3. Discovery in the Cave (Step Into Reading - Level 4)

    Discovery in the Cave (Step Into Reading - Level 4)

    by Mark Dubowski

    A dog named Robot pokes his nose into a hole in the ground. What is down there? Four boys have come with the dog to find out.
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  4. The Cat of Bubastes - CD (Abridged)

    The Cat of Bubastes - CD (Abridged)

    by G A Henty, told by Jim Weiss

    In The Cat of Bubastes, Mr. Henty gives his readers a fascinating picture of one of the greatest of the ancient peoples at the height of their civilization.
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